Do All Wills Go Through Probate?

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Do All Wills Go Through Probate in Miami?

When it comes to estate planning and the distribution of assets after someone’s passing, the term “probate” is often mentioned. Probate is the legal process by which a person’s will is validated, and their assets are distributed to beneficiaries. However, not all wills in Miami go through the probate process. Whether or not a will goes through probate depends on various factors and circumstances. In this blog, we will explore the probate process in Miami, when probate is necessary, and situations where wills may not require probate.

The Probate Process in Miami

The probate process in Miami involves several steps that are generally followed to administer a person’s estate. These steps may include:

  • Submitting the will to the probate court
  • Appointing an executor or personal representative
  • Notifying beneficiaries and creditors
  • Identifying and valuing assets
  • Paying debts and taxes
  • Distributing assets to beneficiaries

While this process may seem straightforward, it can be complex and time-consuming, especially in cases involving larger estates or disputes among beneficiaries. Many people wonder whether their wills will automatically go through probate in Miami, and the answer depends on various factors.

When Probate is Necessary

In Miami, probate is necessary in the following situations:

1. Lack of a Valid Will

If a person passes away without a valid will, their estate will be considered intestate. In this case, Florida’s intestacy laws will dictate how the assets are distributed among surviving family members. The probate court will oversee the administration of the estate to ensure that assets are distributed according to state law.

2. Validity of the Will

Even if a will exists, it must be determined to be valid by the probate court. Certain requirements must be met for a will to be considered valid, such as the presence of witnesses and the testator’s mental capacity at the time of signing the will. If there are doubts or disputes about the will’s validity, the probate court may need to resolve these issues.

3. Large or Complex Estates

Probate is often necessary for larger or more complex estates that involve significant assets, multiple properties, business interests, or unique investments. A probate lawyer can help navigate the complexities of these estates and ensure that the probate process is handled efficiently.

4. Disputes Among Beneficiaries

If there are disputes among beneficiaries or challenges to the will’s validity or terms, the probate court may need to intervene to resolve these issues. Probate provides a structured process for addressing disputes and ensuring a fair resolution.

Situations Where Wills May Not Require Probate

While probate is necessary in many cases, there are situations where wills may not require probate in Miami:

1. Revocable Living Trusts

Assets held in a revocable living trust during a person’s lifetime do not go through probate. The trust’s successor trustee will handle the distribution of assets to beneficiaries according to the trust’s terms, avoiding the probate process.

2. Assets with Beneficiary Designations

Assets with designated beneficiaries, such as life insurance policies, retirement accounts, and payable-on-death (POD) bank accounts, pass directly to the designated beneficiaries upon the account owner’s passing. These assets do not go through probate.

3. Joint Tenancy with Right of Survivorship

Property held in joint tenancy with the right of survivorship automatically passes to the surviving joint tenant upon the other tenant’s passing. This process bypasses probate.

4. Small Estates

In Florida, estates valued at less than $75,000 may qualify for a simplified probate process called “summary administration.” This process is faster and less expensive than regular probate.

Seeking Legal Advice

Whether your will requires probate or not, seeking legal advice and estate planning assistance is essential to ensure that your assets are properly protected, and your wishes are carried out as intended. An experienced probate lawyer can guide you through the estate planning process, help you create a comprehensive estate plan, and address any concerns or questions you may have.

At Morgan Legal Group PLLP, our team of skilled probate lawyers in Miami is dedicated to providing expert legal advice and assistance with estate planning matters. We understand that each individual’s situation is unique, and we tailor our services to meet your specific needs and goals.


In conclusion, not all wills go through probate in Miami. Whether probate is necessary depends on various factors, including the existence and validity of a will, the size and complexity of the estate, and the presence of designated beneficiaries or trusts. Probate is essential for ensuring that a person’s assets are distributed properly and according to their wishes.

Regardless of whether probate is required, it is always wise to seek legal advice and assistance from a skilled probate lawyer to create a comprehensive estate plan and address potential issues or concerns. A well-prepared estate plan can provide peace of mind and ensure that your loved ones are cared for after passing.

If you have questions about probate in Miami or need assistance with estate planning, contact Morgan Legal Group PLLP today for a consultation. Our experienced probate lawyers are ready to help you navigate the complexities of estate planning and ensure that your assets are protected for the future.

Disclaimer: The information in this blog is for general informational purposes only and should not be considered legal advice. Consult with a qualified probate lawyer for advice regarding your individual situation.

Do All Wills Go Through Probate?

DISCLAIMER: The information provided in this blog is for informational purposes only and should not be considered legal advice. The content of this blog may not reflect the most current legal developments. No attorney-client relationship is formed by reading this blog or contacting Morgan Legal Group PLLP.

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